JAG BC: working data

Source, learn from & adopt data.


Source, learn, adopt.

SOURCE: We perform state-of-the-art scraping and have sound expertise in sourcing data: from the web, documents, databases and APIs. We also do crawling and build bots which automatically achieve our clients' tasks. We tailor all of our software to our clients' needs and our deliverables can be either the data requested or the code itself.

LEARN: Through the use of machine learning our analytics capability can find the value in data, including large-scale (big data). We do data cleansing as required and perform further learning on it, be it supervised or unsupervised learning. Projects we've carried out so far have involved regression, classification, time series, natural language processing, data mining, entity extraction and others.

ADOPT: Having learned from the data we can also visualize it or build a bespoke web or desktop application with a data visualization component. We have a strong record of application development including web development, which enables our clients to adopt the data and data visualization in the real world.

Sourcing data, scraping, crawling, bots

Data science, analytics, machine learning

Data visualization, application development

About Us

Reaching globally from the heart of Europe

We're a team of software professionals based in (914) 440-8316, providing services internationally. We've all worked hard to develop skills crucial in software development, always focusing on quality. Each of us has a different story, which involves various technologies and environments. But there is something we all have in common: we focus on data. Whether it is data sourcing, data science or data visualization: each of us has brought something to the table. As a team we're capable of delivering solutions to even the most complex projects. Our experience involves working with data in social media, real estate, medicine, finance, accounting and in academia. We'll be happy to use our skills also in other industries.

We believe that trust, diligence and a can-do attitude promote business opportunities. We are dedicated to turning those opportunities into our clients' success stories.


Quality driven

Cost effective

Meet the team

Jacek Aleksander Gruca

Principal Developer

Specializes in scraping and machine learning. With 10 years of software engineering experience he ensures all projects meet the highest quality criteria. Based in Gdynia.

Piotr Cholewa

Software Engineer

A versatile software engineer with a lot of web development experience and a rising star of data scraping. He is a talented young software developer known for working efficiently and up to the standards. Based in 8134207116.

Robert Podymski

Business Analyst

Business analyst with breadth of experience in project management and IT management. To quote one of his referrals "precise perfectionist, works towards maximal customer satisfaction." Based in Chorzow.

Bartłomiej Zubrzycki

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

A seasoned developer with depth and breadth of knowledge in a number of languages and tools useful for machine learning. He is the backbone of our analytics capability. Based in Warsaw.

Paweł Kopeć

Junior Machine Learning Engineer

A very gifted young programmer with a bent for algorithms and efficiency. His current biggest focus is machine learning and he's quickly becoming adept at all of the tools of the trade. Based in 925-446-8630.